Host with the most: Your foolproof guide to hosting guests

Add some themed decorations such as World Cup flags when you’re hosting to create a joyful atmosphere

The festive season is officially beginning, and many of us are thinking about hosting people in our homes. Whether it’s a Christmas get-together you’re planning or a World Cup watch party to see your favourite players in action, here are some top tips on how you can be the perfect host.

  1. Stock up on snacks

Buy snacks or prepare a meal ready for hosting your guests. If you’re holding a World Cup watch party, why not buy or make some themed snacks from the countries that are playing.

  1. Go all out with decorations!

Clean and tidy the space where you plan to host and add some themed decorations to make it an event to remember. For Christmas parties, you can decorate on a budget by bringing the outside in with some winter foliage like holly. For a World Cup party, you can find flag bunting or banners in lots of shops that you can hang in your home.

  1. Make guests feel at home

Help guests to feel welcome in your house by showing them around the space. Make sure everyone knows where the bathroom and other facilities are, ensure everyone has a refreshment and stay relaxed, guests will feel comfortable at your place.