EU proposal over Prosecco sparks fury in Australian wine market

EU lawmakers want to safeguard the term ‘prosecco’ against Australian use in its new free trade deal

ANGER in Australia over a European Union decision to ban winemakers from using the name ‘Prosecco’ to sell wine in the country. Winemakers including an Italian immigrant who first introduced the grape variety to the country have vocally criticised the EU’s decision.

The EU announced its bid to ban the use of the name ‘prosecco’ in the Australian wine market on November 22, to the disappointment of growers. Italian immigrant, Otto Dal Zotto, is from the Italian birthplace of prosecco and began growing the grape variety in Victoria in 1999. He explained “It makes me very sad and a bit angry because we’re not doing anything but just trying to share prosecco with the Australian public”.

Other industry professionals say the decision could be a terrible blow to the Australian prosecco industry which has been growing immensely during the last decade.

The EU is seeking to ban the name for wines made in Australia as it continues to negotiate a free trade agreement with the nation. EU officials want to protect the term prosecco as a geographical indication to where the sparkling wine was made.