Hungarian Prime Minister’s scarf statement angers neighbouring countries

The Hungarian Prime Minister was photographed wearing a scarf showing historical Hungarian territories, angering neighbouring countries

Hungarian Prime Minister’s NATIONALIST neckwear prompts outrage from Ukraine and Romania. Victor Orbán posted a video of himself at a football match wearing a scarf bearing an image of historical Hungary, which caused offense in neighbouring countries.

The gesture was interpreted as Orbán refuting neighbouring countries sovereignty, including Ukraine, amid Russia’s land-grabbing invasion. Orbán’s scarf featured an image of the country, but showing its pre-World War I territory, when it was a regional power as the Austria-Hungarian empire.

Ukrainian representatives demanded an apology from the right-wing politician, accusing him of revisionism, and suggesting that the Hungarian ambassador to Ukraine would be summoned over the decision.

The map of ‘Greater Hungary’ featured territory that now belongs to a whole host of countries including Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Croatia and Serbia.

Though he did not directly address the controversy, Victor Orbán took to Facebook with a statement saying “Football is not politics. Let’s not see things that aren’t really there. The Hungarian team belongs to all its supporters, wherever they live!”