Incredible escapade sees rare Ukrainian art collection arrive in Madrid

Curators brought an unusual Ukrainian art collection from Kyiv to Madrid against all odds

INCREDIBLE incident in Madrid as an unique art exhibition arrives from Kyiv unscathed, despite the threat of Russian bombs. The rare art collection left the Ukrainian capital in a secret convoy on November 15, just hours before Russian missiles rained down across the country.

The convoy of 51 rare pieces of art arrived in Spain on November 20 after five days on the road, travelling more than 3000 kilometres across the continent. The collection came under threat several times after a nail-biting journey through Ukraine, as the country suffered power outages and the stray missile incident in Polish border town of Przewodów.

The modern art collection ‘In the Eye of the Storm: Modernism in Ukraine 1900-1930’ is thought to be the most complete collection of Ukrainian modern art. The artwork is set to go on exhibition on November 29 at the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid, along with several other fascinating Ukrainian cultural objects and pieces of art.

The exhibition will be a powerful expression of cultural solidarity with Ukraine amid the Russian invasion which is threatening the fabric of Ukrainian society and cultural heritage.