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The latest social media trend is ‘quiet quitting’, or doing the bare minimum in your job.

Two different viewpoints seem to exist: those who believe quiet quitting is taking a step back from burnout (in which case it’s a positive thing) and those who think it’s checking out from your employment responsibilities (in which case, it’s, well, skiving).

Nothing new. There’s always been a mix of hard workers and shirkers. Only now we have social media to make it a ‘trend’.

I get it completely when you’re in marketing or similar roles. However, the consequences of quiet quitting are much more profound in sectors including the NHS, HMRC, DWP, local government, banks etc. where the failure to do your job results in a very poor or non-existent service to the public.

When your failure to do a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay has a significant impact on others, that’s unfair on colleagues and makes life even harder for those needing those services. Little wonder things are so bad in the UK. Everything is blamed on understaffing and underfunding (which both exist) but nobody accepts the creeping lack of application which also affects those services…

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