Exclusive Interview with Jacky Trevane author of Fatwa

Jacky Trevane with her new book Tinderella Credit: Jacky Trevane

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Jacky Trevane author of Fatwa: Living with a death threat who has been living in Spain for more than 15 years.

Aged just 23, on holiday in Egypt, she fell head over heels in love with a local man, converted to Islam and married him, having two daughters but life was not good and as a western woman she found it impossible to cope with non-stop physical and emotional abuse.

After eight years she managed to escape back to the UK with her children but even now, more than 40 years later, she lives under her assumed name and believes that if her whereabouts were made known, she could be in danger.

Her book, published in 2004 by Hodder & Stoughton sold 800,000 copies worldwide and she was amazed by the response it received.

“The publishers received some 300,000 emails from women who identified with my position and felt that they two were treated as being invisible” she explained.

“From those emails and with the permission and cooperation of eight of the women who contacted me, I told their stories in a follow up book published a year later and entitled Invisible Women.”

Life goes on and with two children to bring up, a new partner and the need to work and keep busy, Jacky was involved in setting up a school in Catalonia and is devoted to music, playing the violin with orchestras and groups.

Then in 2018, she published her third book, My Life which attempts to provide a small window for you to sit, reflect and ask yourself at times pretty tough personal questions.

“Your experiences are unique and ought not to be lost to future generations. Why not record them here for posterity and enjoy a stroll down Memory Lane in the process?

“Whether you are looking for a template for a DIY autobiography or just want to pass on valuable insights and family history to your grandchildren this is a remarkably helpful book” according to Jacky.

Next came the pandemic and it happened that one of her daughters was visiting from the UK and the other had been laid off by Ryanair so thought it would be great to be with mum near Granada when suddenly they were in lockdown.

Looking for something to do, the girls said that they were going to join online dating site Tinder and persuaded Jacky to join them even though she suggested that “no-one would be interested in an oldie like me.”

Tinder had a bit of a negative reputation at the time but the pandemic changed all that as people were desperate to make new friends and they did so in safety as they couldn’t meet but could get to know each other over zoom and facetime.

Thus, was born Jacky’s latest book Tinderella (published by Vanguard Press) which tells the story of a 60 something woman and her adventures on three dating sites where she learns to be wary and wise as most of the men she meets (but not all) fall into the categories of Frogs, Frauds, Perverts or (Potential) Princes.

She hasn’t found that one special person yet but she is still looking and the book is not only an amusing insight into what happened but is an ideal guide on how to navigate these dating sites to those thinking of dipping their toe in the water.

Tinderella is now available to buy at Amazon in paperback or kindle format and although only recently released has received nothing but five-star reviews.

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