Chainlink, Apecoin, and Runfy are here for the Long Run

Without a doubt, 2022 has been a gloomy year for the crypto market, but the year need not end on a depressing note. There are three cryptos with exciting developments for their ecosystems that may bring a spice of life to the crypto winter.

Chainlink (LINK), Apecoin (APE), and Runfy (RNF) have exciting new features that could ensure longevity and prosperity for both themselves and their communities.

Chainlink’s upcoming updates breathes new life into its Ecosystem

Chainlink works as a blockchain abstraction layer that can connect different smart contracts. In simple terms, this allows blockchains to interact where they were previously unable to.

Recently Chainlink announced updates for its ecosystem on Twitter. Many investors believe this will cause a pump in the price of LINK. Indeed, over the past seven days, LINK has gone from $5.6 to $6.8, which could prove holders of LINK will go on to profit soon.

Apecoin’s new marketplace is a fresh start for the governance token

While Apecoin experienced a steady downfall throughout the year, investors are now feeling optimistic about the governance token’s future following the launch of an NFT Marketplace.

Historically Apecoin has always been linked to NFTs as it was inspired by Yuga Lab’s Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project.

Those holding APE can use it to participate in the governance of the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.  APE can be used to support community projects. Furthermore, developers for services and games have also used Apecoin as a tool.

However, Apecoin has a new utility that will help its ecosystem thrive: an NFT marketplace. The official space has many advantages, such as lower trading fees for the much acclaimed Yuga Labs collections.

Like Chainlink, Apecoin has seen a steady increase in the value of its token, moving from $3 to $3.8 in the last seven days.

Runfy is a presale move to earn currency. Having just started its first stage of a presale, Runfy provides crypto enthusiasts an early opportunity to get involved in something that could become huge.

The fitness industry has been restricted behind a paywall, often selling ineffective or scam products for the supposed benefit of the customer. At worst, this leads to discouragement from continuing to exercise. Runfy intends to change this by decentralising the fitness industry.

The Runfy app will keep track of its users’ fitness goals. When they have passed certain milestones or completed monthly challenges, Runfy users will be rewarded with RNF.

Exercise is difficult enough, so rewarding those who seek to improve their lives with wealth, a perpetuating community, qualified trainers, and sports equipment is where Runfy could become a solid crypto project.

Final Thoughts

The crypto winter may be underway, but rather than stunt blockchain innovations, it has only propelled them. Chainlink, Apecoin, and Runfy are all exciting cryptos that are breathing new hope into a stagnating market.

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