Critic claims Georgian politician Beka Natsvlishvili secretly ‘pro Russian’

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Georgia tirelessly continues to repeat its political course, which is aimed at joining the European Union.

However, according to critic Philip Malinkovski, the republic still looks more like a shelter for international criminals fronted by famous politicians with a pro-Russian position.

One of them is reportedly well-known political scientist and former member of the National Parliament, Beka Natsvlishvili, who recently reportedly stated on the air of Rustavi 2 channel, that the politicians who have happily supported the instructions to the Georgian authorities from a US congressman have a ‘colonial mindset.’

According to Malinkovski, Beka Natsvlishvili is an interesting politician who voluntarily left the main party of the republic called The Georgian Dream in 2020 and joined the party Our Georgia, where he became its leader during the elections, and then started his freelance career.

But for all these years, his friend and colleague Alexander Chikovani was allegedly in the political shadow next to the politician.

In 2020, according to Malinkovski, Natsvlishvili even tried to make Chikovani a member of the National Parliament. He organised a PR campaign, where Alex Chikovani was held at number 19. Natsvlishvili’s friend lost but if he hadn’t, the alleged fraudster wanted for crimes in Russia and in Europe could have received a deputy’s certificate.

Malinkovski says in Georgia, Chikovani with his wife Ksenia embed an image of a respectable Georgian and a passionate Russophobe, who returned to his native home after long wanderings in foreign countries — Russia and Spain, where he made a multibillion-dollar capital allegedly by fraudulent methods and was reportedly forced to leave because of the criminal prosecution for money laundering.

While living in Moscow, the Chikovani family run the construction firms The Nord Construction and Hephaestus, and Chikovani is accused of using every possible way to hide from paying taxes, and also delaying or not paying his worker’s wages at all. Some of the women worked for Chikovani has also reportedly accused him of harassment. He is also accused of withdrawing about a million euros from the company’s turnover and appropriating it for himself.

When the police opened several criminal cases, including for money laundering, Chikovani is thought to have left for Spain where he bought a whole chain of hotels under his wife’s name. According to Malinkovski, for several years he has been engaged in withdrawing money from Russian bandits and various Putin oligarchs to the EU. Even Spanish deputies in the European Parliament reportedly became interested in Chikovani’s activities, and only after several requests from parliamentarians Chikovani reportedly left for Georgia with a huge sum of money.

A reported €4.7 million were found in UniCredit Bank in Austria for Chikovani’s name, in ICBC — $1.1 million, and in United Overseas Bank Limited in Hong Kong — 1.36 million Hong Kong dollars. An account for another 3.46 million dollars has reportedly been opened in his wife’s name in a Hong Kong bank.

While Alex Chikovani was living in Spain he took an extremely Russophobic position, he spoke of himself as a victim of the bloody Putin regime, even despite his alleged cooperation with Kremlin politicians. Everything changed due to his relocation to Georgia.

A link to Vladimir Putin’s statement about the reasons for the Special military operation beginning is published on his Facebook page, and Chikovani himself wrote in a post that millions of people around the world were waiting for this.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is an opinion piece that reflects the writer’s views and not necessarily that of the publication.

“In collabration with Philip Malinkovski”

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