The best European countries to drive in

Everything you need to know about driving in Spain explained

Image - Pablo Joanidopoulos/shutterstock

A fascinating new report has unveiled the best countries in Europe to drive in, and in seventh place, Spain makes the top ten. Here we shed some light on the results of the research.

The International Drivers Association commissioned the report which compared driving experiences in 33 European countries along a criteria including fuel prices, quality of roads, traffic rates, and general road safety.

Topping the list was Switzerland, thanks to its low mortality rate from road traffic incidents, with 1.71 deaths per 100,000 residents, as well as the third highest road quality score, and a low number of vehicles at just 604 per 100,000, which contributes to low traffic rates.

Switzerland is followed by the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, before Sweden in sixth place and Spain.

Spain came seventh on the list due to a relatively low accident mortality rate at 15 per 100,000 residents, and low number of cars at 627 per 100,000 residents. Spain excelled in the road quality indicator, with a score of 5.7, the country was only beaten by Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Austria. Spain’s low fuel cost also placed the country in third place on this indicator.

The top ten is completed by Cyprus, Austria and France.