Top tips to keep your pet clean over the winter

Not all pets love a bath, but it is an important task to keep their skin and fur healthy

The winter brings particular challenges for pet owners thanks to wet weather, muddy puddles and. Keeping your pet clean and well-groomed is crucial to its overall wellbeing and happiness. Follow these tips from pet lovers to keep your pet having fun while keeping it clean and healthy.

  1. Bath your pet

A bath can help your pet to feel refreshed, just as we do after taking a bath or shower. Not all breeds love bathing but it is still important for your pet’s hygiene and to prevent parasites like ticks going unnoticed. Regular baths can keep your pet’s fur from getting matted and can help you to catch shedding hair, as well as helping you to keep your home clean!

  1. Tend to paws

Paws are particularly sensitive to cold weather, wet surfaces, and fallen leaves. Tending to your pet’s paws with a cloth and some warm water can help you to catch dried or cracked skin which could end up being painful for your pet if left untreated.

  1. Brush their fur

As well as giving your pet regular baths, brushing their fur is a quick and easy way to keep your pet feeling fresh and clean. A quick daily brush of the fur can keep it looking glossy.