Grain from Ukraine scheme to relieve famine in parts of Africa and Middle East

The new ‘Grain from Ukraine’ scheme is set to bring much needed supplies of grain to hunger-stricken parts of Africa

Grain GUARANTEE from Ukraine as the country creates a policy to send grain supplies to alleviate hunger in some of Africa’s poorest countries. The deal was announced in a statement by President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on November 26.

The Ukrainian President announced that up to 60 ships carrying Ukrainian grain would be delivered to African nations including Somalia, Sudan, and the Middle Eastern country of Yemen. The initiative has been organised by the Ukrainian government alongside poverty relief NGOs and private donors.

The ships are set to leave Odesa over the coming months, following a German scheme which has already seen one supply ship head to Ethiopia to combat hunger in the country.

President Zelenskiy has requested international funding to assist in establishing the supply corridor, which is being created on the anniversary of a Ukrainian famine. The Holodomor famine from 1932 to 1933 was caused by former USSR ruler, Stalin’s policies in the region.

The scheme also hits back at Russian critics who claimed that western support of Ukraine is escalating poverty and food shortages in African countries already suffering from famine.