Hollywood star Stanley Tucci loves food and now lives in London

Stanley Tucci learns how to taste olive oil

Stanley Tucci learns how to taste olive oil Credit: Searching for Italy CNN

HOLLYWOOD star Stanley Tucci loves food and now lives in London with his wife Felicity Blunt who is the sister of his Devil Wears Prada co-star Emily Blunt.

The couple met thanks to Emily and married in 2012 with Tucci continuing to act, write and follow his love of food and cooking.

His latest project saw him taking centre stage in a CNN produced series Searching for Italy which received two Emmy nominations and was also screened by the BBC.

The programme which first aired in 2021 and was so successful it was renewed for a second series, sees the actor and gourmand touring Italy to discover the secrets and delights of the country’s regional cuisines.

Amusingly, when members of the Petroni family first met actor Stanley Tucci when he came to visit their olive groves in Puglia to film a segment for the show, they expected an experienced pro when it came to Italian products.

Especially since he is Italian, they thought, at least, he would know a few things about Italian food, in particular, olive oil, but this wasn’t the case!

“Stanley Tucci didn’t know the correct way to taste olive oil,” revealed Agricola Petroni family owner, Pier Francesco Petroni. “In fact, most people don’t know. But we showed him how. And he loved it.”

Like many people, he simply expected to sip the virgin olive oil, but this caused a great deal of amusement from the family as according to them, the proper way to appreciate the delicacy is to hold the glass in your hand to warm the oil, smell the aroma and then run it over your tongue to aerate before swallowing.

So not only did this visit teach Stanley Tucci to fully appreciate virgin olive oil from trees up to 300 years old, it changed the Petroni family business forever and has created a sensation in the States.

“Our sales have more than tripled to the U.S.,” says Pier. “And this is just from orders through our website. We are looking for an importer/distributor to take us on for the American market.”

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