Three Coins that will maximise your crypto portfolio in 2023: Ethereum, Big Eyes Coin and Hedera

Three Coins that will maximise your crypto portfolio in 2023: Ethereum, Big Eyes Coin and Hedera

Although the performance of crypto tokens has been on a roller coaster since the start of 2022 due to the worldwide condition of financial markets. With the new year just around the corner, many analysts are optimistic about seeing some positive changes in market conditions.

Hence, users are thinking about refreshing their portfolios. Are you in the same boat? You should check out defining attributes of Hedera (HBAR), Ethereum (ETH), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG), which is presently in the 7th stage of the presale. Read the post till the end for more information about these up next.


Hedera: Smart Contracts, dApps, NFT, and Much More!

Hedera is the utility token powering the Hedera public network. It has dual duties, which include assisting its services, like smart contracts execution, file storage, transactions, and securing the platform. The Hedera network is an enterprise-class dApp-building protocol for individual users or business firms in the decentralised world. It is also known to be a modern version of existing blockchains due to its high efficiency and swiftness. HBAR platform runs on the Hashgraph blockchain, which supports smart contracts and dApps. HBAR network can process over 10k transactions per second, with validation times ranging from three to five seconds. Besides this, other real-life utilities of HBRA include providing intelligent contract tools for creating dApps, NFTs-related utilities, decentralised file storage utilities, and consensus services.

Ethereum: Home to Many Cryptocurrencies!

Ethereum is an open-source, decentralised blockchain network with smart contract functionality. It is the largest and most used cryptocurrency, only second to Bitcoin. ETH blockchains have served as the foundation for numerous other cryptocurrencies. There have been over 280k token sales that are ERC-20 standard.

The ETH blockchain network empowers the biggest DeFi, smart contract, and Proof-of-Stake network in the crypto market. It also provides plenty of earning mechanisms for its consumers to generate passive income. ETH holders can trade both fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Big Eyes Coin: Breaking the Norms!

Big Eyes Coin is trying to change the crypto market’s general perspective about the meme coin genre. The DeFi-related cute digital currency intends to revolutionise the meme world while promoting DeFi adoption and usage. BIG envisions making the benefits of the DeFi space readily available to users by creating a Blockchain ecosystem where users will have a seamless DeFi experience.

Being a full-fledged community token, BIG holds its users in high regard and aims to bring features that will stimulate uninterrupted community growth. BIG knows that community tokens are meant to be wealth generators for users or ecosystems and fund them.

So, it has an entirely functional roadmap for setting a self- propagation wealth-generating ecosystem for its users. The platform will offer community giveaways in tokens and NFTs, privileged information, exclusive events, and content access.

The BIG ecosystem is well secured and went through proper security checks, addressing one of the biggest problems these days. Besides this, BIG also hopes to preserve the oceans, a very significant part of the world’s ecosystem; the platform will create a charity wallet for this purpose. The charity wallet will be visible to the community to promote transparency and accountability.

The Presale is Live! Grab BIG Tokens Now!

As mentioned earlier, Big Eyes Coin is currently in stage seven of the presale. It is selling out faster; grasp this opportunity to get BIG tokens for minimal prices. Install a crypto wallet on your phone or use a web extension. Then fuel your wallet with ETH, BNB, or USDT tokens.

Then pick the number of BIG you want on its presale page, and exchange currencies from your purse to get BIG passes. Crypto analysts believe Big Eyes Coin will have a grand launch that will surge in value and achieve immense market success. Although this isn’t guaranteed, the BIG’s features and utility make it easier for anyone to bet against it.


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