Essential motoring accessories for the winter season

Antifreeze is an essential piece of motoring kit for wherever you’re travelling over the winter

THE first ice and snow of the season arrived to mountainous regions of Spain a few weeks ago, but in the last week, the cold weather has begun to bite elsewhere. Today we bring you three essential accessories that every motorist needs this winter season, especially if you’re headed to a mountainous area.

Windscreen scraper with brush

This tool is your best friend for removing ice from your windscreen over the winter, choose a double ended tool with a wide scraper for ice on one end and a brush for frost on the other. It might take some patience but a durable scraper with a frost brush is much more effective than quick remedies like pouring hot water on your windscreen which damages the glass and leads to long-term woes.


Having this liquid in your car can save you in a pinch. Antifreeze helps your car’s engine to regulate itself in extreme temperatures and is a must during the winter.

Windshield cover

We tend to associate windshield covers with the summer, when we want to keep our cars out of direct sunlight, but they are also a valuable piece of kit during the winter. Windshield covers act as a blanket for our cars, protecting them from the worst of the weather, and saving you a job.

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