Lower cap start brings higher profit percentage. we unpack Oryen Network, Multichain, and LooksRare

Lower cap start brings higher profit percentage. we unpack Oryen Network, Multichain, and LooksRare

It’s impossible to generalise what’s more important for businesses: cutting costs or growing revenue. It’s only possible to say by knowing more about the company, market, and economy. The key to long-term success and rising profits may lie in narrowing your marketing focus. Oryen has the highest profit margin in the market with the gradual increase in its price.

Investors of ORY gain higher profit margin

Oryen, a Binance Smart Chain-based auto-staking and auto-compounding platform, have a smart contract that has been thoroughly audited and is supported by SolidProof. Oryen’s features coordinate with one another to make the platform user-friendly for significant financiers. Oryen’s proprietary financial protocol, Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT), manages all platform functions.

The Buy-Hold-Earn mechanism used by the OAT protocol is the very definition of ease of use. Investors who purchase ORY tokens and keep them in their wallets without exchanging them for other cryptocurrencies are eligible to receive rebase rewards. Oryen uses a positive rebase formula to issue daily tokens proportional to the daily rebase reward of 0.177% of all ORY tokens in circulation. Token holders will receive a guaranteed annual return of 90% from Oryen.

In his video review, prominent crypto investor Steven Clarke provides exciting commentary on the various features of Oryen. For example, ORY allows buyers to rebase their investments. A rebase token is a type whose circulation grows and shrinks concerning the token price. Therefore, the supply of tokens goes up or down during a rebase according to the current price of each token.

OAT protocol uses a positive rebase formula to increase the supply of ORY, allowing token holders to continue expanding their token holdings and, in turn, their portfolios.


MultiChain is a Bitcoin fork that adds new features and is open source. Public and private blockchains can be launched with minimal effort. It provides a compelling collection of upgrades and new features aimed squarely at corporate and business users.


LooksRare is a community-focused, decentralized NFT marketplace that offers incentives to token holders, content producers, collectors, and traders. The platform was launched in January 2022 by two anonymous founders using the aliases “Zodd” and “Guts”.

Closing Thoughts

Oryen’s $0.35 introductory price, lack of vesting, and automatic airdrop to holder wallets ensure that all ICO investors have a fair chance of profiting from the sale. Consequently, those who have already invested in Multichain or LooksRare can invest in ORY to increase their returns.

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