Steps to Clean Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Floors

A tile floor needs to be swept, vacuumed, or dry cleaned at least twice a week to eliminate grout or debris. These gritty substances can dull the surface of the tile. Usually, ceramic and porcelain tile floors are easy to clean, but it needs attention. Be it dry or wet tile floors in the kitchen or the bathroom, it is essential to learn the steps to keep them clean and polished.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most common types of flooring. They are a cinch to maintain, but the grit accumulated at the corners becomes a headache if you don’t get rid of them soon. Here are some of the ways to clean these tiles.

Step 1: Vacuum or Sweep the Tile 

Make sure you don’t pay attention to every nook and corner. The dirt usually piles up at the corner, and we overlook it. Get a microfiber duster and pick up the dust easily. 

Step 2: Combination of Cleaner and Warm Water

Dip a mop or rag into a cleaner solution. Refrain from taking a sponge map. Squeeze out the additional water so the mop is not soaking or damp. You can use drain unblocker liquid for toilet cleaning and extra care of bathroom tiles to clean the clogs well. Clogs can also affect the tiled floors negatively. 

Step 3: Use the mop with gentle strokes

Don’t be random with cleaning. Follow a pattern as you move across your room, be it the bathroom, bedroom, or any other section of your home. This ensures that no section of your space is missed and you cover the cleaning process efficiently.

Step 4: Change the water Constantly

The mop gets heavier with dust with every rinse, and the water gets cloudier. You need to ensure you change the water regularly. Dump the cloudy water and refill your bucket with clean water again and again, to avoid leaving a gritty surface or a dirty film on the tile. Still, if you finish up noticing a haze or blurred spot, create a mixture of hot water and vinegar, run a damp cloth over the spot and eliminate it. 

Step 5: Clean the grit or the grout

Spray a cleansing solution over the grout or the film. Especially for the grout, make a solution (mixing up a bleach solution) using gloves to avoid any harm. Allow the solution to sit over the grout for a few minutes, and then rinse it off. 

Step 6: Dry the tiled floor with a cloth

If you know that your tiles acquire water spots quickly, don’t be late drying the surface with a dry rag or cloth instantly after mopping it. This avoids any water spots and your tile remains as it is. 


It is important to keep your tiled floor clean, be it any part of your home. While welcoming guests to your place, you would never embrace a spotted tiled floor or a gritty tile surface. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most used tiles by people. To ensure clean ceramic tiles, you must follow specific steps and avoid harshness caused to the floor. It is not so difficult to maintain these tiles, however, don’t forget to follow specific guidelines. 



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