Your guide to drying clothes indoors in Spain

Place your drying rack near to a window in a well-ventilated space to speed up indoor clothes drying in the winter

DRYING clothes in the summer in Spain couldn’t be easier with abundant sunshine and rooftops to hang clothes on, but what happens in the winter. Today we’re sharing some top tips and tricks to help you dry clothes indoors.

  1. Invest in a drying rack

The most effective drying racks are stand-alone models or ones that can be mounted onto a wall. Set yours up in the brightest spot in your house. The ideal place for a drying rack is a room with big windows.

  1. Take care with radiators

Avoid drying clothes on plug-in radiators where possible. This can create condensation in your home and stop the heat from getting into the room. Plug-in radiators can also make your clothes stiff and damage delicate fabrics.

  1. Ventilation is key

Keep your home well-ventilated while you are trying to dry clothes, this is the most important step to avoid clothes smelling bad, or having to wash them again. Space clothes out, using hangers to save space.

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