Top 5 Cryptocurrencies for massive gain in 2023: Big Eyes Coin, Ethereum, Near Protocol, and more

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies for massive gain in 2023: Big Eyes Coin, Ethereum, Near Protocol, and more

A lot has happened in 2022, and most altcoins have experienced significant price declines. However, as the year ends, we are beginning to see impressive gains in the landscape. Altcoins like ETH, Polkadot, Shiba Inu, Big Eyes Coin (BIG), and Near Protocol are cryptocurrencies that look promising to investors in the market. These altcoins have jumped in value over the past few weeks, and predictions state that they could be high performers in your portfolio for 2023.


Polkadot (DOT): Pushing the interoperability answer

Polkadot (DOT) is a blockchain interoperability system built to connect blockchain systems and make it easy to perform transactions interconnectivity. The network offers the best DeFi utilities and allows blockchain systems to communicate. Polkadot has been a top performer in the past few days, and it looks even more promising after its price pump went from 2.6% to 5.5%. Polkadot is one of today’s top performers and an altcoin to consider for long-term investments.

Ethereum (ETH): The building blockchain

Ethereum (ETH) is a second-generation blockchain network and a smart contract network where dApps and protocols can build efficiently. Since the Ethereum merge, another fork has split the Ethereum blockchain into the PoS and PoW. The Ethereum PoW has been a top gainer in the past weeks and is deemed to be positively affecting the whole blockchain system. ETHW is up around 20% and is trading higher than before. Despite the scalability issues, Ethereum remains one of the top blockchain networks in the crypto landscape. It is a project that would contribute immensely to the growth of the crypto market.

Shiba Inu (SHIB): The Meme Coin set for bull run?

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a DeFi meme coin solution and the first meme coin to change the zero-utility narrative. It is a meme coin project to push the boundary for the meme coin meta and propel them further in the crypto market. Shiba Inu offers a wide range of utilities and functions for its community. The network has a decentralized exchange that handles all exchanges carried out on the network. Additionally, Shiba Inu has a metaverse platform in the works, hoping to offer users immersive metaverse experiences. Compared to the altcoins, Shiba Inu is currently holding the fort and withstanding the effects of the FTX crisis rather well, as it is among the top-performing cryptocurrencies.

Near Protocol (NEAR): Quicker and Scalable Systems

Near Protocol (NEAR) is a layer-one blockchain that addresses some significant drawbacks in the crypto landscape. The network aims to be a scalable blockchain system that can help reduce slow transaction rates and limited throughput while also improving interoperability in the blockchain system. NEAR is a platform with the best DeFi function and a user- and developer-friendly system, offering the perfect environment for DApps. NEAR protocol has surpassed most market participants’ expectations in the past weeks, being one of the top-performing crypto projects.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG): Meme Coin furthering DeFi agenda

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new meme coin project looking to build and expand on the Ethereum blockchain. The meme coin project has displayed massive growth since its presale started, with over $11 million sold on presale and the biggest acquired network of users. Big Eyes Coin ushers a new beginning for meme coins through its cat narrative, and it aims to be the beginning of something different and unique in the meme coin landscape. The meme coin intends to offer a DeFi solution and other utilities like an NFT collection and a metaverse. The Big Eyes presale is still on, and anyone can still be a part of the network by buying the BIG token – when doing so use code BIGG7289 for BIG bonuses and content!


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