American company Moderna partners with UK Government

Shaking hands on the partnership

Shaking hands on the partnership Credit: Lauren Hurley /Department of Health and Social Care

AMERICAN company Moderna partners with UK Government on December 21 in a 10-year-partnership to produce vaccines and undertake research.

The company is to undertake mRNA research and development in the UK, and build a state-of-the-art vaccine manufacturing centre with the ability to produce up to 250 million vaccines a year.

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Steve Barclay has heralded this agreement as NHS patients will have access to a UK-made supply of COVID-19 jabs as well as cutting-edge vaccines developed for other respiratory diseases, such as flu and respiratory syncytial virus.

The partnership will create more than 150 jobs and further future-proof the UK against potential pandemics, with patients to benefit from speedy access to the latest advancements in vaccine technology

Developing vaccines on UK shores means it will be able to scale up production rapidly in the event of a health emergency, significantly boosting the NHS ability to respond to future pandemics.

Whilst a significant (currently unrevealed) investment has been welcomed by the UK Government, there has recently been significant comment on social media about subsequent unexpected and unexplained deaths in the young as possible side effects of the various untested ‘vaccines’.

The fact that Moderna will be running a significant number of clinical trials in the UK and has also pledged to fund grants for UK universities, including PhD places and research programmes may be considered worrying by many.

The Government contends however that by boosting the UK’s onshore vaccine manufacturing capability, Britain will be a step closer to becoming the leading global hub for life sciences.

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