Blow to humanitarian groups as Taliban bans female Afghans from working at NGOs

The latest ban on female Afghan NGO workers will affect the quality of services provided by humanitarian groups like the United Nations

HUMANITARIAN groups providing aid in Afghanistan received another setback as the governing Taliban group barred Afghan women from working at NGOs on Sunday, December 25. The move will disrupt work by organisations including the United Nations.

Several groups including Save the Children and Care International have already released statements saying that they will be unable to continue providing their services without their female staff. The United Nations said they will fight the ban which they described as a “red line for the entire humanitarian community”.

Human rights defenders expressed their dismay at the announcement which will have a direct impact on the quality and the extent of foreign aid provision in the country.

A Taliban spokesperson explained that the decision has been made due to foreign aid group workers’ disrespect of the country’s dress code for women.

The shocking news comes just days after the group also banned women from studying at university which caused an outpouring of grief from Afghan women and supporters around the world. Since returning to power in August 2021, the Taliban have been steadily revoking women’s rights.