Christmas baking activities to sink your teeth into

A gingerbread house is the perfect baking project if you have some little helpers brimming with creativity and enthusiasm!

WHETHER you have some spare time on your hands over the holidays, some little visitors, or want to impress guests this festive season, why not try making one of these Christmas-themed treats? There are so many options out there, it can be difficult to know where to start, so we gathered some of our favourite Christmas baking options to make your decision easier!

Gingerbread house

This classic German dessert has become a staple of the festive season. Gingerbread houses are great baking projects if you have little helpers who want to get involved with decorating, and can also be a therapeutic project if you need a distraction from the stress of the festive season. There are also plenty of options to buy pre-made or partially made kits, or create your own from scratch!

Mince pies

These quintessentially British treats absolutely exude Christmas. Making mince pies in Spain is a little more complicated, since mincemeat is harder to find. But don’t let that put you off, making your own mince pie fillings is not too difficult and the tantalising taste makes the extra effort even more rewarding!


Another German classic, stollen is a delicious Christmas loaf containing dried fruit, nuts and often a sweet layer of marzipan. Stollen is easy to make and takes less time than most loaf recipes.