Christmas miracle in Essex as fire services tackle blaze accidentally started by dog

Essex Fire Service issued a warning about electrical safety after a dog caused a fire in a bedroom

FIREFIGHTERS in Essex worked during the night on Christmas Eve to extinguish a fire that is believed to have been started by a dog. The fire service were called to a property in Hockley in the evening of Saturday, December 24 after a freak accident sparked the blaze.

The homeowner is believed to have been out when one of their dogs switched a hairdryer on by jumping onto a mattress, which ignited the fire in the bedroom.

Flames gutted most of the bedroom, but firefighters worked rapidly to stop the spread of the fire in time for Christmas. The dogs were not injured, but did receive treatment for smoke inhalation.

Essex Fire Service issued a reminder to homeowners to take care with electrical appliances like hairdryers and straighteners over the holidays. They appealed for people to completely unplug appliances when out of use, especially when leaving the house.

Fire Service Watch Manager Gary Shinn explained, “The homeowner wouldn’t have thought for one moment her dog would turn on the hairdryer, but unplugging something just gives you that peace of mind.”