How to cope with missing loved ones at Christmas

Coping with grief at Christmas can be even harder than usual, so give yourself time to process emotions and don’t put too much pressure on yourself

THE festive period can be extremely difficult for those dealing with grief. Whether it is your first Christmas without them, or your tenth, the feeling that someone important is missing is completely unavoidable and immensely painful. Here we share some advice on how to cope with feelings of loss or grief at Christmas.

Keep a routine

It is important to maintain your festive traditions, especially if children are involved. Abandoning all of your festive traditions can feel like another loss, so it can help with the process if you keep up some festive activities. If it is too painful to do your usual Christmas activities without your loved ones, why not make try some different activities to normal?

Make a ‘Plan B’

It is crucial not to isolate yourself from your loved ones, but it is also totally understandable, and important to take breaks where necessary. Plan your social plans over the Christmas period in advance and remember your loved ones will understand if you need to cancel or leave early.

Acknowledge feelings

Don’t put too many expectations on yourself on Christmas Day. Allow yourself to reminisce on time spent with loved ones and remember your memories together.