How to have an environmentally-friendly Christmas Day

Take extra care to separate wrapping paper from tape to do your part for the planet on Christmas morning

CHRISTMAS is a wonderful time to gather with friends and family but sometimes this meaning can get lost as we consume more than usual and waste more. But if you’re dreaming of a green Christmas, take a look at these top tips from environmental charities on how you can enjoy Christmas without feeling guilty about waste.

  1. Cut food waste

Excess food is one of the most wasteful aspects of Christmas. Think carefully while drawing up your Christmas shopping list, are there any things nobody really enjoys, or that always gets forgotten? If you end up with leftover ingredients or treats, look up your local foodbank and donate it.

  1. Recycle packaging

 The flurry of gift giving at Christmas always leaves us with a mountain of wrapping paper. One environmental charity advises giving paper the ‘scrunch test’, if it crumples it can be recycled, but if it springs back into shape it cannot. Remove glitter when recycling as it can disrupt recycling systems.

  1. Be responsible as a host

Avoid using disposable cups and plates where possible, many of these options cannot be recycled even if you clean them afterwards. Ask your guests to bring some extras if you are short of anything and avoid overusing disposable options.

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