The most popular Christmas foods in Spain

Sweet treats like Roscón de Reyes are important dishes on every Spanish dining table at Christmas

CHRISTMAS varies from country to country, but one thing remains the same: the focus on coming together to share food. We investigated the most popular Christmas foods in Spain, so you can enjoy dining like a local.


Like in many cultures, appetisers are a crucial part of shared Christmas meals in Spain. The focus of many ‘entremés’ dishes tends to be cured meats with charcuterie meats like chorizo, and hams are popular at Christmas served alongside olives, breads and cheeses.


Unlike many other places, seafood is a staple in traditional Christmas dishes in Spain. The country’s extensive coastline and year-round fishing industry means that fresh seafood is just as popular as meats at Christmas. Many families opt for lobster for a decadent spread at Christmas.

Meat dish

In many regions of Spain, lamb is the centrepiece of the Christmas meal served on Christmas eve. However, in other parts such as Castilla y León, suckling pig is a hugely important dish at Christmas. It is ordered months in advance and cooked along with onions and potatoes on the big day.


Traditional sweets are an essential element of Spanish Christmas celebrations. Marzipan, shortbreads and sweet breads like Roscón de Reyes are Christmas favourites across the country.