Three top tips to keep everyone safe at Christmas

THE Christmas glow is all around, including in our homes! And although this is the most exciting time of year, fire risks also increase. These three top tips from home safety experts could protect you and your home this holiday season.

  1. Organise décor carefully

Reduce your risks of a fire at home by keeping decorations away from heat sources such as fires, heaters or radiators. Avoid hanging stockings and paper decorations anywhere near to a fire or other heat sources such as lights.

  1. Keep Christmas trees hydrated

Dry Christmas trees are highly flammable, so take care to keep your real tree hydrated. This will also improve its appearance by keeping pine needles from turning brown and dropping prematurely.

  1. Turn off appliances when out of use

Aside from the spiralling cost of energy, leaving appliances on when you are not using them is also a fire risk. Check any appliances and decorations that have been sitting in storage all year for faults or frayed wires before hanging them up. Switch off Christmas lights before leaving the house or going to bed to reduce your chances of something catching alight.