Dogeliens to become as successful as ApeCoin

ApeCoin (APE) launched in March 2022, making it less than a year old. During its short time, ApceCoin has found big success as it is currently ranked 32nd by market capitalisation at the time of writing. However, with a new crypto project, Dogeliens (DOGET) preparing to launch soon, it seems as if Dogeliens could become as successful as ApeCoin.


What makes Apecoin unique

ApeCoin is a unique cryptocurrency as it stands out in the market. Focusing on decentralisation and web3 technology, ApeCoin focuses on the future of crypto. Intending to help provide power to the people by giving them financial control over their funds, ApeCoin allows token holders to participate in ApeCoin DAO, giving its users a shared and open currency that does not use any centralised intermediaries. Additionally, ApeCoin also provides users with access to specific sectors of its ecosystem that would otherwise be unavailable, including exclusive games and services.

Since its launch in March 2022, ApeCoin has come a long way in the market and has gained a high amount of popularity, even during the market crash when new crypto projects are more vulnerable. Already taking the 32nd position (based on market cap), it seems as if ApeCoin has the potential to become even bigger over the coming years.

Can Dogeliens Compare?

Dogeliens is a new cryptocurrency that is currently in presale and is expected to launch in 2023. Although it is currently in the early stages of its presale, Dogeliens is already showing high potential for success as it stands out from other cryptocurrencies, similar to ApeCoin.

Whilst Dogeliens is very different as a crypto project from ApeCoin, it seems as if its uniqueness can bring the same if not, higher success than ApeCoin has faced. Dogeliens is a meme coin but embraced different sectors of the metaverse into the project.

For example, Dogeliens has created an open-source, decentralised platform so its users have full control over their funds with no centralised authority. Additionally, despite being a meme coin, Dogeliens has integrated the metaverse into its platform by providing users with new games and educational videos to inform and educate individuals about crypto. With NFTs, a merch store, and more, Dogeliens has gone above and beyond to cater for different user needs.

With Dogeliens embracing different aspects of the market, it essentially aims to create a cryptocurrency that not only stands out from the rest but also will help shape the future of the crypto market. As cryptocurrency is constantly growing and changing, Dogeliens looks to the future to create a project that will be around for a long time and potentially become a strong market leader. With no other meme coin like this, Dogeliens seems to have a strong chance of reaching quick success as ApeCoin has seen.

Dogeliens seems as if it could become successful in the long term, but it is better to conduct further research before making any crypto-related purchases. Due to the volatility of the crypto market, there is a risk that comes with investing in any crypto project.


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