Cat care during the winter

Help your cat to take advantage of sunny spots for naps in your home over the winter by opening curtains completely

PET experts often talk about winter care for pets that spend lots of time outdoors, but this isn’t always the case with cats. Today we’re bringing you some expert advice from vets on how you can take the best care of your cat now that temperatures have dropped.


The first step towards happiness for your cat is its health. Ensure that your cat is up to date with all necessary vaccinations against seasonal and general sicknesses, particularly at this time of year when immune systems are often weaker

Nutritious diet

Vets warn against overfeeding your cat during the winter. Cats tend to exercise less during cold spells of weather, so adjust their diet accordingly to avoid excess weight gain which can cause health problems. Nutritious food and fresh water are essential aspects of your cat’s winter well-being.

Sleeping space

Ensure your cat has a comfortable and warm place to sleep. Take advantage of sunny spots by opening curtains for daytime cat naps and use blankets or a heater during the night if necessary.

Physical activity

Encourage your cat to stay active during the winter. Playing simple games with your cat has physical benefits for your cat as well as keeping them warm, and developing your bond with your pet.

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