Desert camping: Everything you need to know

Desert camping in Spain is most comfortable with a campervan, allowing you to discover more of the terrain and sleep soundly

HONESTLY, winter camping isn’t for everyone. But luckily, there are plenty of alternatives in Spain thanks to the country’s diverse climate and landscape, so if you’re after your fix of camping, desert camping could be the perfect solution! Here we share some essential tips for your first desert camping experience.


The most popular destination for desert camping in Spain is the Desierto de Tabernas in Almería, since it offers lots of choice in accommodation and is also close to other attractions. If you want to venture further, the Canary Islands also offer exciting desert camping opportunities.


In mainland Spain, the most popular style of desert camping is with a campervan. Staying in a campervan is the most comfortable choice during the winter as it offers the most protection against the infamous desert cold, and allows you to be more mobile and discover more of the destination.


Your choice of clothing and footwear is especially important when camping in a desert. Bring fresh, lightweight clothing that you can easily layer in temperature extremes. Protection from the sun may seem obvious, but protection from the cold is also vital. Sturdy footwear, like boots is also a must for walking on dusty, uneven terrain.

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