Feeding a puppy: top nutritional tips for your newest addition

Puppies need specially made puppy food in their first twelve weeks to keep energy levels high and to fuel early development

CHRISTMAS is the most popular time of year for owners to get a new puppy. And in the flurry of activity to prepare your prepare your home for your bundle of joy, it’s easy to overlook nutrition. But we’re here to help! Today we’re sharing some nutritional fundamentals to help you feed your growing puppy.

Six to twelve weeks

This is a crucial period of growth and development for your puppy, support this with specially developed puppy food which contains essential nutrients which are not present in adult dog food. During this period, puppies need to be fed around four times per day and should also get at least 30 per cent of their protein from milk.

Three to six months

During this period, you can reduce feedings to three times per day. Owners can also start the shift onto dry food from around 12 weeks.

Six to twelve months

From six months, most owners reduce feeds to twice per day. Neutering reduces energy meaning your dog doesn’t need as much food each day. During this period smaller dog breeds can be started on adult food, but big dogs may need a little longer.

From one year

By now, your dog can generally be moved onto adult feed, and most owners feed two half portions twice per day.