How to choose the perfect sleeping mat for camping

Your sleeping mat is an essential part of winter camping, here we bring you the top points to consider

IF there’s one thing about winter camping, it’s that sleep is even more important than during the summer. And although sleeping bags are the most important aspect of a quality night’s sleep, what we actually sleep on is also fundamental to guarantee a great night’s sleep. Today we’re bringing you the key factors that you should consider when choosing a sleeping mat.

Pack size and weight

Your first question when choosing a sleeping mat is considering how you are going to travel. While an inflatable mat is a good option if you plan to take your car camping, a thinner or more compact mat is more suitable if you will be cycling or hiking while camping.


As well as providing comfort, the other main function of a sleeping mat is providing insulation. While sleeping bags insulate us against the outside ground, sleeping mats provide essential insulation from the ground. Experts recommend choosing mats with higher R-values for winter camping, which indicates a higher level of insulation.


Consider how you usually sleep when choosing a sleeping mat. Air filled mats are ideal for side sleepers, with extra cushioning, and self-inflating mats are best for back sleepers. Air beds are the best option for campers seeking the most comfortable night’s sleep possible.

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