Seasonal supplements: Boost your zinc intake

Zinc is present in lots of foods in our daily diets, but you can take a supplement during the winter to help boost your immune system

ZINC is perhaps one of the less well-known minerals, but it is a crucial part of our diets, especially during the winter thanks to its credentials in supporting our immune systems.

What does zinc do for our bodies?

Zinc is an essential vitamin that helps our immune systems to fight bacteria and viruses, making it a particularly valuable mineral during the winter. As well as reducing the symptoms of colds and flues, zinc can also prevent the onset of these viruses.

How can I boost zinc naturally?

Zinc is present in many foods which make up a healthy diet. Particular sources include meat, poultry, seafood, nuts, seeds, breakfast cereals and dairy products.

What about a supplement?

Dieticians generally recommend getting your daily intake of zinc from eating a healthy diet, but if you know you have a deficiency of zinc, a supplement can be a useful way of getting it. Nutritionists also recommend boosting zinc intake if you feel sicknesses coming on as it can help you feel better more quickly.

The recommended daily dose of zinc is 15mg for men and 10mg for women. You can take zinc in tablet form, but exceeding the recommended dose is not advisable as it causes flu-like symptoms and reduces your body’s ability to absorb other essential minerals including copper.