The best exercises to fight excess holiday weight

Oblique climbers are a great alternative to regular mountain climbers to target belly fat after indulging in Christmas treats

THE holiday period is nearly over, and many of us have indulged a little more than we should have done, but there’s no need to worry because this is totally rectifiable! Here we share some exercises that fitness experts swear by to help you work off your festive feast and drinks.

Experts recommend cardiovascular-focused exercises to help burn Christmas calories off. Turn it into a workout by trying 45 second rounds of each exercise followed by a 15 second rest. Try it once through, or challenge yourself to more rounds.


In this exercise, you start in a standing position stepping back with one leg into a lunge position. Pull your shoulders back and abs in. You can increase intensity by adding a jump transition.

Oblique climbers

For this exercise, get into a plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders. Drive one knee towards the opposite elbow before returning to the start position and switching legs.

Squat jumps

This exercise uses explosive power and targets muscles all over the body. Start with three stationary squats, into a jump squat, powering a vertical jump with your leg power and core strength.

Cycling sit-ups

For this exercise, modify a regular sit-up to include a rotation from your elbow to knee to target your obliques.