How many of these least-visited Spanish destinations do you know?

Soria is one of Spain’s best kept secrets with a multitude of fascinating cultural sites to see

MUCH is said about the most-visited regions in Spain, but what about the least-visited places? Today we’re bringing you a list of the least-visited places in Spain according to data released on Tuesday, December 27, to help you plan your next trip and discover some of Spain’s most exquisite hidden gems.


As the capital of Spain’s least populated region, Soria is often overlooked by travellers, but contains a treasure trove of history and culture. As the chosen getaway for many Spanish literature greats, Soria is brimming with culture and is unmissable for any Spanish history lover.

Ceuta and Melilla

These two Spanish enclaves in North Africa are fascinating destinations for any traveller interested in history and culture. Their unique location has afforded the two territories an interesting blend of cultures, unusual architecture and a delicious cuisine.


Often overshadowed by its fellow Extremaduran cities and UNESCO sites, Mérida and Cáceres, Badajoz is off the beaten track for tourists. But this doesn’t mean the town doesn’t also have a rich history and beautiful architecture including its Alcazaba.