Rural tourism review finds Catalonia is most popular countryside escape destination

The Spanish tourism industry is booming thanks to interest in rural tourism in regions including Cordoba in Andalucía

AS the tourism market evolves, the Spanish tourism industry continues to keep up with the latest trends. This was proved by the excellent results of the rural tourism sector recorded in an industry-wide yearly review which was published on Thursday, December 29.

The report found that the summer is the high season for rural tourism, with the sector accounting for nearly 20 per cent of accommodation bookings in August, and 15 per cent in July. But there was also a surprise on the list, December was the third most popular month for rural tourism experiences with 15 per cent of bookings made during the month being related to rural tourism.

The report also found that Catalonia was the most popular region for rural tourism, followed by Castilla y León, and Andalucía.

The sector covers experiences in the countryside, which are becoming increasingly popular with accessibility to camping and other rural accommodation improving and the development of new speciality experiences such as wine and gourmet agricultural tours.