How to protect your garden tools from rust over the winter

Gardening experts recommend hanging your tools up to maximise airflow and reduce the risk of rust.

OVER the winter, our garden tools don’t always get as much use as we’d like. And like with any tool, garden tools get rusty over time. Today we’re sharing some top tips on how to prevent rust from taking hold on your most trusted garden tools.

  1. Clean and dry

The first step towards long-lasting tools is protecting them from the elements. Wipe down used tools and dry them before tidying them away.

  1. Storage

Where your tools live affects their appearance. Reduce the risk of rust on your tools by storing them in a dry, and airy place to avoid damaging moisture rotting them.

  1. Remove rust

Take action when you first notice rust to prevent it from spreading further. One of the most popular cleaning tricks is soaking it in a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water.

  1. Oiled up

Another way to protect your tools from rust is to keep them oiled during the winter.