Proof-of-Stake Works! – Solana and Big Eyes Coin show how much better POS is

The world of cryptocurrency has a lot of terminologies and specific functions that the average person without much knowledge of cryptocurrency won’t know. Among these phrases lies two that have been in the spotlight recently; Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work.

Proof-of-Work is a consensus method that verifies new transactions and allows blocks to be added to the blockchain. This method involves people solving complex mathematical problems that reveal a hash code when solved. This hash code will match the complementary code on the end of the blockchain and can then be added to the new blockchain. Those who solve the equation and add the block will receive 1 of the native crypto tokens.

Proof-of-Stake is a newer consensus method that doesn’t require users to solve complex equations. Instead, this method has cryptocurrency owners validate block transactions based on the amount of staked coins.

This new consensus method has many benefits. They are attracting more cryptocurrencies to change from the original Proof-of-Work implemented by Bitcoin (BTC) to the Proof-of-Stake method. Among them, the crypto giants Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) have switched. ERC-20 tokens like Big Eyes Coin (BIG) have also actively chosen to be built on a blockchain with the POS method.

Let’s look at why that was a good choice.

Big Eyes Coin choice to be an ERC-20 token pays off!

Big Eyes Coin is a pre-sale meme coin. It has been highly successful, making $11 million in its pre-sale so far. This number is only set to increase. With a unique take on meme coins, using a cat mascot, it is headed to being the next big thing in the meme market.


One of the many reasons for its success is the coin’s vocal care for the environment. Big Eyes Coin has always been loud and proud about its charity wallet, which holds 5% of all BIG tokens. These tokens are set to be donated to several ocean-saving charities, including Sea Shepperd. Big Eyes Coin has recently donated £1000 to this fantastic charity which focuses on conserving and protecting the oceans.

To keep in line with these values, the creators of Big Eyes Coin actively chose for the memes coin to be built on the Ethereum blockchain. This is because after the Merge event took place, Ethereum (ETH) now uses the POS consensus method. This method releases a lot fewer carbon emissions, and Ethereum has been said to have reduced its carbon emission by 99% since the Merge. This decision has been a large factor in the coin’s success so far.

Solana among some of the first to implement POS

Created in 2017, Solana (SOL) is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market so far. It has seen considerable success as a decentralised blockchain. It is known for processing transactions faster than most other blockchains.

The Solana blockchain adopted the Proof-of-Stake consensus method in 2020, one of the first to do so. This enabled Solana (SOL) to make its blockchain much more secure, as POS is harder to fake than that POW. The success of this decision can be seen in the 12,000% rise it saw just a year after in 2021.


To summarise

Though there are many different consensus methods in the crypto world, Proof-of-Stake seems to come out on top. With higher levels of security and fewer carbon emissions, there is no wonder many cryptos are choosing it over Proof-of-Work. Cryptos like Solana (SOL) and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) have seen immense success due to this decision.

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