Three common household health risks and how to avoid them

Label your leftovers to avoid keeping them in the freezer too long and creating a health risk

AS we head into the new year, now is the perfect time to clean out your cupboards. Today, we’re sharing three household items that you should check up on regularly to avoid unnecessary health risks and have a happy 2023.

  1. Expired medication

Check out your medicine cabinet for any medications that have passed their expiry date, and replace any important medications. Ingredients in medications can become harmful once they expire, and make you sick.

  1. Frozen foods

Take a look in your freezer drawer to make sure that nothing has been in there too long, frozen food still can expire. Keep track of how long dishes have been frozen by using a labelling system that you will remember.

  1. Dishcloths

If you don’t rotate your dishcloths regularly they can harbour nasty bacteria and pass it on to you through your dishes or food. Be sure to wash cloths often and throw them away once they become rags.

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