Property picks: These are the cheapest parts of Spain to buy property in

Spanish government block controversial Andalusia plans.

THE end of the pandemic and spiralling inflation has seen a spike in property prices across the country which is great if you’re trying to sell property, but what if you want to buy? Today, we’re sharing a list of the most affordable locations to purchase property.

An report based on data from the property portal, Idealista, released on Monday, January 8 revealed that Jaen in Andalucía currently offers the best value for money for property purchases. In this city, furnished two bedroom apartments start at €46,000 on the property site, making it one of the most affordable places in the country to buy property.

The historic city of Cáceres in Extremadura is another affordable location for property purchases, with two bedroom apartments starting at €60,000.

The Galician town of Vigo also made an appearance on the list. In this town, two bedroom apartments start at €69,000 and often offer unspoiled views of the town’s Atlantic coast.

Another location highlighted in the report was the Valencian town of Requena. This town offers spacious two bedroom apartments from €70,000.