Supermarket sustainability with Mercadona’s commitment to electric-powered haulage

Spanish supermarket, Mercadona is investigating haulage reforms to cut down on polluting emissions.

THE Spanish supermarket giant, Mercadona has become the first in the sector to carry out mass testing of a new sustainable scheme using electric-powered haulage. The supermarket announced it was aiming to transition to electric power on Monday, January 9.

The company has made no secret of its commitment to the environment and its goal to adapt to global climate goals by reforming its haulage scheme, including by acquiring its first two all-electric trucks at the end of 2022.

In recent months, the company has conducted several pilot schemes with logistics companies Disfrimur and Acotral to assess the efficiency of electric haulage.

The scheme aimed to assess the practicality of using 100 per cent electric trucks given the limited charging infrastructure in the country and the time constraints of charging vehicles up. Project coordinators devised the most effective routes in two project areas, Madrid and Murcia, and were able to efficiently supply and stock six supermarkets.

Company Transport Director, Jose Ángel Llop explained the aims of the project, “At Mercadona, we are a responsible company that has always viewed innovation as a means for growth and sustainability”.

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