Educational TV series that college students can use as a means to expand their horizons

What could be more rewarding than a TV show that both entertains and teaches you curious facts about the world?

College students may find it challenging to find the time to watch movies or TV series, as their schedule often includes doing homework, attending lectures, and studying for exams – which is everything but funny. But what if we tell you that you can support your learning by engaging in some TV shows that, throughout time, proved to be only beneficial for college students like you? The themes and scripts adopted in such TV shows make them excellent for young adults looking to expand their horizons, including university students. We’re not going to talk about “Matlock” or “Teletubbies”, not because they’re not good but because they’re not appropriate for someone your age. So, we’ll focus on a couple of series that can help you with academic work in an age-appropriate manner.

Here are some promising shows you should keep an eye on this academic year and the next to come.

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The Good Doctor

From a medical, ethical, and social point of view, ABC’s The Good Doctor is one of the most captivating and educational television shows that college students – and anybody – can indulge in. The series follows the story of a dedicated autistic surgical resident, Shaun Murphy. The experiences and challenges lived by the young doctor make this show a heartwarming yet suspenseful series you might have probably heard about before. But you might also have skipped the reason it’s often characterized as educational. That’s because it presents real-life health-related cases, so students aspiring to become doctors could learn a lot from how characters in the show tend to patients and support their healing process. Apart from this, there’s a crucial aspect as regards this series that makes it truly inspiring for any age and gender – the lesson that autism shouldn’t be perceived as an impediment in life and that you can achieve your dreams and do your job impeccably even if you have a disability.

Doctor Who

Apart from the many life lessons, Doctor Who also teaches a series of concepts you’ve probably not even thought to look up – petrichor is one of them. Although old, the series airing on the BBC is still one of the most successful shows about doctors. And what’s even more impressive about it is the way it combines medicine with time traveling, conveying the story of a courageous alien who travels through the universe saving the world in the famous T.A.R.D.I.S. – Time and Relative Dimension in Space. Doctor Who was initially released as a family-oriented and educational series, and although it somehow deviated from its path, it remains an excellent source of inspiration and knowledge. So, if you’re a curious student in college looking to improve your general knowledge and, at the same time, indulge in an entertaining medicine series, this might be your thing.


This television series hosted and conducted by Jamie and Adam still enjoys great success, and for a good reason. MythBusters is an entertaining and, at the same time, incredibly complex show that explores – just as its name also suggests – a number of myths. These myths often need to be busted, as they promote things that aren’t true or sufficiently tested so that a conclusion regarding them can be reached. Thus, the main characters of the series aim to find out the truth, regardless of how long the path to it is. Throughout the years, we’ve learned from this particular series a lot, including that cold water doesn’t really increase body weight. This series is perfect for those interested in chemistry, as it has episodes focused on investigating various chemical reactions. It’s a well-known fact that everything revolves around chemistry, so learning more about this fascinating subject would hurt no one. If you’re truly passionate, you may also want to enroll in an online chemistry course, as watching a TV series isn’t enough to develop your skills.

Horrible Histories

Considering the name, Horrible Histories isn’t the most exciting series to watch on a chill Saturday evening. But in this case, appearances are deceitful. The truth is that it’s an excellent educational program that presents historical curiosities in an entertaining manner, and that makes it stand out from the other history series out there. Veiling information in the garb of humor has placed Horrible Histories in top shows of this kind and made it perfect for all ages. Also, the diversity of topics discussed is impressive; some of the most prominent include the Vikings, “Terrible Tudors”, “Dingy Castles”, “Gorgeous Georgians”, and “Slimy Stuarts”. Therefore, if you’ve always been allured by European history, you may want to give Horrible Histories – or, better said, Humorous Histories – a try.

Forensic Files

If you’re fascinated by police investigations, medicine, and forensics, this series might be what you’ve long been looking for. Forensic Files comes in the form of a case study or documentary, which intriguingly exposes the victims’ lives and persons beyond the crimes. You’ll interestingly hear stories from different perspectives and delve into the psychology of a crime so that you’ll develop your analytical skills and have a clearer picture of the process of resolving a crime. If you dream of working as a law enforcement officer, you’ll be thrilled to discover how these professionals handle challenging cases and what decisions must be taken in this sense.

If we’ve got your curiosity started, learn that you can watch the television show on Peacock and that it currently has 14 seasons. We know it sounds like a lot, but you can start the series from any point since it doesn’t have a linear plot, and the episodes aren’t related to each other.

Nonetheless, if you’re sensitive to death and crime topics, we don’t recommend watching this show, as such discussions are recurrent in Forensic Files.

If you’re looking for something educational yet entertaining, you might want to consider some shows of the likes mentioned above.

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