Five ways having a pet boosts your quality of life

AS if we need more reasons to love them, scientists say that having a pet can considerably improve your quality of life! Today, we’re sharing five proven ways that your furry friend makes your life even better.

  1. Company

Having a pet in your home means you are never alone, pets can help to relieve feelings of loneliness and depression. Interacting with your pet stimulates your social and communication skills.

  1. Stress relief

Ever felt more relaxed after playing with a cat or walking a dog? You’re not alone, a scientific study at Virginia Commonwealth University revealed that stress hormones were significantly reduced after spending time with a pet.

  1. Social benefits

Being a pet owner places you in a community of fellow animal lovers, giving you an opportunity to make friends with something in common! If you have a dog as a pet, taking it for a walk can help you to meet new people.

  1. Self-esteem

Another study in Miami found that children with pets read aloud more confidently after caring for a pet. Pets’ happy, non-judgemental attitudes can help us to feel comfortable in ourselves.

  1. Responsibility

Finally, as a pet owner, you’re responsible for your pet’s wellbeing. Having a pet can make you more respectful of the environment and give you new skills.

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