Four tips to help you to stop smoking in 2023

STOPPING smoking is one of the most popular goals going into a new year, but it also one of the hardest goals to achieve. But the good news is it’s absolutely possible to quit smoking and to feel so much healthier!

Today we’re sharing tips from people who have successfully stopped smoking to help you get started!

  1. Know your reason

If you try to stop smoking without knowing why you want to, chances are your heart isn’t in it, and it will be easy to break your goals. The first step in stopping smoking is finding your reason to stop. It could be to cut your chances of lung cancer or to protect your children.

  1. Make preparations

It’s true, some people swear by going ‘cold turkey’, but for most smokers this will just cause painful withdrawal symptoms. Instead plan to cut your nicotine intake in advance.

  1. Nicotine replacement

It’s likely your body has become hooked on nicotine. If you’re finding it impossible to come off cigarettes, look into alternatives like nicotine lozenges, patches or even prescription medicine.

  1. Support system

If you’re serious about stopping smoking, you need a solid support system around you. Tell friends and family about your decision and try to create distractions, but avoid triggering scenarios where you’ll feel tempted to smoke.