Solar Energy, Social Metabolism Imperative to Our Planet – with Dr. Yasam Ayavefe

Regarding climatic change, two-thirds of the emissions of generated greenhouse gases are attributed to the energy sector. This fact suggests that the importance of taking proper actions to stabilise the emissions rate is dire. Therefore, the reduction of energy consumption, efficient distribution networks, implementation of renewable energy products and services, and aim at solar energy to become the auxiliary tool in the transition to renewable energies is an essential focus for social Metabolism with Dr. Yasam Ayavefe.

Social Metabolism is “the particular form in which societies establish and maintain their material input from and output to nature. The mode in which they organise the exchange of matter and energy with their natural environment.” Macroeconomics is often referred to as the study of social Metabolism, the part of economics concerned with large-scale economics and environmental impacts globally.

Amongst the many investments, projects, and aspects of Milaya Capital that create awareness for a healthier world, one of the utmost importance is investing in solar energy, creating a greener global environment, and improving lives throughout society. Dr. Yasam Ayavefe, founder and CEO of Milaya Capital, has intensely studied macroeconomics and is on a mission to create a metabolism within our planet that will be suitable to humans as well as nature, creating a better, greener world for generations to come.

Environmental footprints are a significant problem to our environmental conditions as we continue to spew unhealthy emissions into our world. Dr. Ayavefe and his firm are readily investing in efficiency in all aspects of today’s needs by investing in solar energy farms. Solar energy farms will assist in creating sustainable energy and protecting our environment. Fossil fuels must be replaced with technologies that will improve for future generations to come, according to Dr. Ayavefe .  This is becoming increasingly imperative for our ecosystems to survive, animals to survive, which directly affects every one of us. Dr. Yasam Ayavefe is undoubtedly at the helm of production in technologies that will make the environmental difference this world desperately needs. We have experienced a significant change in nature and quality of life, and the impacts are phenomenal.

Although macroeconomics, social Metabolism are not words used by most, all of us can certainly relate to the need for solar energy and understand how unhealthy energy tools and their output to nature directly impacts the world. Dr. Ayavefe’s knowledge, investments, and sharp eye for solar energy farms are the answer.

A solar farm is an extensive collection of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels that absorb energy from the sun, convert it into electricity, and send that to the power grid for distribution and consumption by customers like you. Solar farms — which you’ll sometimes see being called solar parks or photovoltaic power stations — are usually mounted to the ground instead of rooftops and come in all shapes and sizes. Community solar farms are small-scale solar facilities that generate around 5 MW of electricity for a local community of homes and businesses. The power is shared among everyone who participates in the program. Depending on the number of residents and the amount of production, the residents could get a reduction in their power bill.

However, solar farms are usually decentralised, consisting of solar panels installed across large areas; farms provide power to the electric grid and cover vast areas. Depending on the size of the solar project and the number of people working on it, construction on a solar farm can be completed in a matter of months. After a solar farm is complete and online, it needs little maintenance and can be serviced about 3–4 times a year.

As we listen to Dr. Ayaeve, we understand clearly how a solar farm works and the benefits to our environment. We very much appreciate his complete understanding of macroeconomics, the study of social Metabolism, to create a greener, healthier world for us all.

It is not his investments that make Dr. Ayavefe a profound businessman. What he invests in sets him apart, as he cares about our planet with passion, heart, and a better tomorrow for us all. We thank him for his time, and we thank him for his determination to make this world a better place.

Dr. Yasam Ayavefe

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