3 New Year’s Resolutions to Make Time for Yourself

When was the last time you massaged your hands and feet, followed by a 7-step facial skincare regime? Do you struggle to make time for hobbies and self-care while juggling domestic and professional responsibilities?

You’re not alone, for modern-day life is a frenzy of responsibilities, especially for people managing full-time jobs with children. But chores and responsibilities alone don’t discourage us from making time for ourselves. They alter our mindset and compel us to prioritise our family, friends and work over ourselves.

Before we know it, we start ignoring ourselves, day-to-day chores start taking precedence over our hobbies and self-care rituals. Finding a healthy balance is the key to managing everything on one’s plate and still making time for oneself. Read on to explore New Year’s resolutions that will help you prioritise yourself.

1.    Learn to Say NO

Many people struggle to make time for themselves because they do not like to disappoint people and end up saying yes to every request. It’s nice to be helpful and kind toward family, friends and colleagues, but this niceness should not lead to discomforting situations. It is important to learn to say no when you truly want to decline someone’s request for help.

Whether it’s a colleague, a family member or even your child, you must say no when your body is aching and your heart wants to indulge in a tall glass of wine. Declining to help other people now and then is alright, and will help you make more time for activities that you enjoy.

2.    Prioritise the Things you Love

It’s hard to make time for any activity without setting priorities and associating significance with the things you love. Making time for your hobbies and interests becomes easier when you treat them with importance and make room in your daily or weekly schedule.

Everyone has different interests, and indulgence in hobbies and fun activities is important for our mental well-being and self-esteem. Some like people to spend their time playing games and casino slots, while others enjoy reading, watching movies or making art. We advise freeing up at least one hour every day to enjoy your hobbies.

3.    Stop Overwhelming Yourself

Do you have a habit of overloading your daily schedule with innumerable tasks without devising realistic timelines to complete them? Do you regularly take on other people’s responsibilities and busy yourself with endless chores around the house?

People who overwhelm themselves with more tasks than they can complete in a day are likely to feel exhausted with little time to spare for relaxation. Similarly, people who take on other people’s work and do chores for everyone around the house go to bed exhausted and drained. It is important to stop overwhelming yourself with more tasks than you can realistically tackle in a day.

Suppose household chores keep you busy all day, leaving little or no time for self-care. In that case, start delegating responsibilities among all family members and stop picking after everyone. These minor changes will make a huge difference to your schedule, leaving more time to engage in your interests.

Final Thoughts

Making more time for yourself is the key to a happy and healthy life. Our lives do not revolve around money-minting, raising a family and doing household chores. We work to achieve financial stability and self-actualisation, and raise children to feel love and joy. Eliminating the activities and indulgences that bring you joy and satisfaction can make our lives unbelievably dull and unrewarding. It is important to find a balance between our responsibilities and indulgences to find inner satisfaction.


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