Four top tips to keep your pet allergies at bay as an animal lover

Life with pet allergies can be difficult if you’re an animal lover, but there are some steps you can take to limit your allergic reactions.

LIFE with allergies to animals can be tricky, especially when pets are added into the equation. Today we’re bringing you some top tips on how you can still be a pet owner and animal lover when living with allergies.

  1. Clean environment

Most of the allergens from our pets come from their fur and skin cells. Keeping the surfaces in your home clean can help to keep your allergies at bay. Allergy experts recommend using a vacuum cleaner rather than a brush to keep allergens out of the air. Clean pet blankets regularly also as they transmit allergens easily.

  1. Clean pet

You can also start at the source by keeping your pet clean! Bathing your pet once a week can stop shed skin cells from entering the air. Consult your vet for pet-appropriate shampoos and soaps.

  1. Boundaries

If a member of your household is allergic to your pet, it’s crucial to keep the pet out of their bedroom at the very least.

  1. Medical options

If you are an animal lover that suffers from allergies, it could be time to look into antihistamines or other medical options like a nasal spray that will enable you to spend time with furry friends without the constant urge to sneeze.