Is Crypto BudBlockz (BLUNT) more decentralised than Bitcoin (BTC)?

Is Crypto BudBlockz (BLUNT) More Decentralised Than Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin (BTC) has always been the flagship project in the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector. Its popularity has everything to do with the pumping by whales. Most of these investors rush to the coin as it is the most proven project, having been around for the longest time. With the pumping always in play, there has always been a concern about how Decentralised the project is. Forks out of the original BTC protocol also affirm the concerns. On the other hand, BudBlockz (BLUNT) is the latest project looking to decentralise operations in the multi-billion cannabis sector.

Decentralising Cannabis transactions

BudBlockz has set out to decentralise transactions in the cannabis market, enabling consumers to access a wide array of products securely, transparently and efficiently. In addition, while leveraging blockchain technology, it unveiled a Decentralised e-commerce platform linking the cannabis sector to the cryptocurrency sector.

The blockchain-pioneered platform will bring together consumers and cannabis producers worldwide to do business. With the help of BLUNT, the network’s utility token, people can buy and sell cannabis. BLUNT will act as the medium of exchange, allowing people to buy and sell cannabis products on the platform. It will also double up as a governance token according to the holder’s right to vote on the project’s direction.

Non-Fungible Token Collection

BudBlockz has also confirmed plans to leverage non-fungible token technology to enhance customer and user data security in the ecosystem. The technology will provide a way for people to digitise various real-world products that can be sold on an NFT marketplace that the crypto cannabis project is to create.

Ganja Guruz is the network’s premium NFT collection that will be the key to becoming a verified member of the BudBlockz ecosystem. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the 10,000-strong collection will come with a string of benefits, key among them being membership access to various cannabis farms and dispensaries on the BudBlockz ecosystem.

Ganja Guruz tokens will also offer a way for people to invest in fractional stakes of various cannabis dispensaries and farms. Holders are to gain access to discount codes on various CBD products in stores. BudBlockz is to develop an NFT marketplace for community members to trade collectible and fractional ownership NFTs. Operating similarly to OpenSea, the platform will provide an easy way of creating, purchasing and selling various NFTs.

DeFi Push

BudBlockz is also venturing into the world of Decentralised finance that has been at the heart of fueling peer-to-peer financial transactions. Consequently, it has launched BudSwap, a Decentralised Finance platform that facilitates peer-to-peer exchanges through the BLUNT token. In addition, the DEX is to be integrated into a wallet to make it easy for people to convert their assets to buy products on the networks.

BudSwap is to enable staking, allowing BLUNT holders to lock their tokens in liquidity pools to help enhance liquidity and secure the network. In return, the token holders are entitled to a portion of the fees generated in the network depending on the amount of BLUNT tokens staked.

In addition, BudBlockz has unveiled Arcade, a play-to-earn gaming platform. The platform is to make it easy for people to play an array of retro games, with winners standing a chance to walk away with BLUNT tokens through airdrops.

BudBlockz and BLUNT Solid Prospects

Over the past few years, many projects have grown in popularity and exploded in valuation on providing solutions to real-world problems. BudBlockz is one project that ticks all the boxes and is well positioned to usurp Bitcoin, given its growing use case in enhancing transactions and access to cannabis products in the multi-billion-dollar industry. BLUNT has what it takes to become one of the top utility tokens, given its growing use case around non-fungible tokens, Decentralised finance and play to earn. BudBlockz is a project you want to add to your portfolio in 2023.

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