Three natural ways you can boost libido levels for a better sex life in 2023

Several foods including saffron spices, oysters and pomegranate are said to increase libido levels, boosting your sex drive.

IT’S natural for your libido, or sex drive to fluctuate over time. Many age and environmental factors can affect your sex drive, but did you know there are some ways that you reinvigorate your sex life. Today we’re suggesting some natural ways that you can boost your libido, and what’s more, they’re nearly all free.


These libido enhancing foods can be traced through the ages to ancient Rome, Egypt and of course Greece, with the goddess Aphrodite. And for good reason as scientists do believe there are some foods that can increase your sex drive. Pistachio nuts, the fenugreek plant, and saffron are all proven to increase libido while several studies have also suggested oysters, chocolate, pomegranate and red berries to have similar results.

Quality sleep

Feeling tired is the biggest mood killer possible. Getting enough, good quality sleep is also vital if you want to boost your sex drive and energy levels. Feeling well-rested can also help to boost testosterone levels in men.

Healthy lifestyle

Regular exercise helps in every aspect of our lives, including our sex lives. As well improving cardiovascular health and general mood, exercise can also improve our self-esteem and improve self-image making it easier to get in the mood and build a better sex life.

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