Footbridge falters as AREME Foreign Residents Association starts a funding campaign to secure a ramp

AREME Foreign Residents Association in Estepona are advocating for a ramp to be added to a local footbridge to improve accessibility. Photo credit: ArtisticPhoto /

THE international community in Estepona are coming together to solve accessibility issues in the area. The Foreign Residents Association of Estepona (AREME) have embarked on a scheme to raise €16,000 for a ramp on the footbridge across the A-7 motorway between Benamara and Benavista.

The group announced their campaign on Sunday, January 22 now that they have begun dialogue with Estepona Council. The group are proposing to add a ramp to a footbridge which is being created on the A-7 motorway. The ramp would allow wheelchair and pram users to cross the road as safely as other pedestrians.

AREME has already made a payment of €6,360 to engineers who have undertaken a survey and ground and soil checks.

Each of the surrounding areas which are set to benefit from the ramp on the footbridge are required by the council to contribute to the €16,000, but donations have only been received from six of the local neighbourhoods.

AREME are asking locals to contribute to their campaign, because if the total is not raised, the footbridge adaptations may not go ahead. Their email is: